Tuesday, March 9, 2010

life of a republic commando part 3

republic commando 0036 time: 0145 location: dantooine mission: search and destroy

dantooine. love it or hate it you can't deny its presence and significance in this universe. full of ancient history, statues and ruins making a point that civilization was at one point present several thousand years ago, dantooine is the stuff of legends. this is my first time here, not like i have the time to enjoy its vast and predominant wonders. according to republic intelligence, seperatist scum have come here to start on their latest droid production facilities. republic intelligence is never wrong. i looked over and saw 0063 checking his kit- katarn armor, dc-17, proximity grenades. 0040 is still trying to access the sep comms and 0007's still playing around with his latest toy, the dc-15 sniper attachment. this is my squad. delta squad. arguably the best commando unit in the entire republic, we've certainly made a name for ourselves. we boast 48 mission succces and 0 failures. we started with 4 elite commandos and now we have the 4 best commandos in the galaxy. we know each other like the fingers on our hands. we are brothers. we are also known as Boss-0036, Scorch-0063, Fixer-0040 and Sev-0007 amongst ourselves. now, we face our toughest assignment yet apparently from intel, to infiltrate the separatist base and find the code to shut down all droid facilities in the universe.the importance of this mission is undeniable and failure is not option. good 'cause we don't fail.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1 minute of a republic commando part 2

republic commando 0036 journal entry: 2 planet: coruscant status: available for duty

"you don't know what you just did", those were the last words from the late chieftain gulark. "just doing my job" i had responded with cool ease. it didn't bother me at all that i had just ended another life. gulark should seen it coming the moment he chose to join the separatists that we were after him. maybe he thought that for once, they would have the upper hand. well, we never fail. but just like the rest of them, gulark had chosen to trust in the use of his machines, pieces of junk that couldn't even withstand the force of a neat strike to the chest. if i didn't know better, i would have thought that they wanted me to destroy them. but i did know better, and yet the seps still had no reply. maybe th new droids the seps were making would make things more interesting. i doubt it, but it does make you think. need to regroup with the rest of the squad for the next mission, to sabotage the mining facility on dantooine, although intel was dodgy, it could very well be nothing more than wild goose chase, still worth to check it out. got to hand it to the seps, they do know how to keep secrets, but we're republic commandos, nothing gets past us in anything, sabotage, stealth, demolitions, comp hacking and hand to hand combat. we are here for a reason, and right now its to make the seps wish they weren't seps.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

1 minute as a republic commando

republic commando 0036 journal entry: 1 location: geonosis mission: kill chief gulark

checked my watch exactly 0700. still about 30 battle droids to go. don't these droids ever give up? hang on, their droids, their objective is to kill me. that i respect about them, except for the fact that they were programmed to do so. and besides, these droids can't even shoot straight. i give them 50 shots to try and impress me from 100 meters and only 10 find its target, albeit only to find their shots absorbed by the heavy katana armor developed by the kaminoans. got to hand it to the kaminoans, 100 efficientcy, just the way i like it. 10 droids left, checked my ammo, just enough to get me through this mission. after all, failure is not an option. us commandos are the best of the best. the first to fight and the very last to withdraw. we've got ourselves this far, failure is equilavent, if not worse, than death. death, it would seem is handed out to people deserving of death every day. today, i'm handing it out to gulark. i estimate, after these last few droids, a few super battle droids and droidekas before i have gulark in my sights, cowering away. unable to retreat due to lack of aerial support. i guess it does pay to be on the good side. very well, time to end this. after all, its nothing personal.

ps: to be continued when i have the time

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

world domination plan

step 1: get all the equipment needed to make an indestructible army that can destroy almost anything but that is only a decoy for the main plan.
step 2: as we are situated in australia which is located in the south, use the geometry of the earth to
go even more south so you can get to the northern region of the planet Earth and destroy (r)Ussia.
step 3: take down North Korea and steal all their nuclear weapons.


there once was a boy called awesome. He was awesome and was awesome. One day, a guy called cool came along and killed a awesome. THE END!!!!